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The emotions we are most likely to try to avoid serve an important purpose. Each one of our emotions offers us a distinctive gift; especially fear, pain, and shame. As your counselor, it is my job to help you safely move into these emotions, and help break cycles of unhelpful coping so you can experience healing and peace.


Our body and brain are not mutually exclusive entities; they share an address, and thus can impact one another in more ways than we often realize.  Many individuals experience somatic, or body-based, expressions of stress.  If you experience ulcers, migraines, chronic pain, or experience your stress physically in any way, therapy can be helpful for managing the origin of this disease.


The reality of humanity is that we are all perfectly imperfect beings, doing the best that we each can with what we have, at that moment in time.  Our ability to connect with our authentic selves can be impeded by innumerable stressors.  Learning to accept your value and worth, love yourself, and improve your self-esteem are goals within your reach.



While everyone’s goals for therapy are slightly different, a therapist’s office is a place for healing, personal growth, and finding peace.  My private practice offers boutique-style services tailored to your style and unique story.


EMDR stands for Eye-Movement-Desensitization-Reprocessing, and it is an evidence-based eight-phase treatment.

Intensive Therapy

Many people who feel they may need a little extra time and want extra boost can opt for a more intensive approach.